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Customer Rights and Duties


Customer Rights

1.    To take cognizance of the terms, conditions, and details of the loan and services, and to request ample explanations to be sure that you have understood them and can abide by them.

2.    To obtain from the concerned Vitas employee a clear, ample and simplified explanation about the loans and financial services with different risk levels.

3.    To obtain from the Customer Relationship Officer a professional and clear answer to any question concerning an unclear clause or condition.

4.    To request the use of Arabic in any document, correspondence or transaction with Vitas s.a.l.

5.    To obtain and read in advance a copy of each document and text referred to in any contract you sign with Vitas s.a.l.

6.    To obtain and retain a copy of the contracts and documents you sign, without bearing any additional cost.

7.    To request from Vitas s.a.l. to determine the actual cost of the loan, including the actual insurance cost and the computational method of the lending or interest rate.

8.    To choose freely an insurance company among at least five companies that are approved by Vitas s.a.l., specified in a written list in case obtaining the loan requires the submission of an insurance policy to Vitas s.a.l.

9.    To obtain any loan or service, provided it is suitable with your request, profile and perception of the likely financial risks associated with the loan.

10.  To obtain, for each loan, a periodic detailed statement of account.

11.   To refuse signing blank or incomplete forms and make sure all the required fields and figures in the forms you sign are correct and complete.

12.  To submit a complaint about any service or loan, through contacting the customer services center for related matters and request from Vitas s.a.l. an explanation on the complaint submission procedure, the time limit needed to be notified of the complaint                       outcome, and the mechanism applied to submit the complaint to other authorities whenever you are not convinced of its outcome.


Customer Duties

1.    To provide true, complete and accurate information when filling out any Form provided by Vitas s.a.l., and refrain from providing any false information.

2.    To disclose all financial obligations when applying for a loan, without prejudice to the rights conferred to you by the Banking Secrecy Law.

3.    To update the personal information submitted to Vitas s.a.l., continuously and whenever you are required to do so.

4.    To notify Vitas s.a.l. about any change pertaining to the situation of the customer, whether the latter is a physical or moral person, namely concerning their solvency, managerial structure or legal and financial status.

5.    To comply with the terms and conditions governing the chosen service or loan.

6.    Promptly notify Vitas s.a.l. of any unknown operation on your            account.  

7.    To provide Vitas s.a.l. with your home address, work address, email, ordinary mail, and telephone numbers, and report any change in this information to enable Vitas s.a.l. to contact you personally and thus guarantee the privacy of your information.

8.    To review on a periodical and constant manner the statements of accounts and balances issued by Vitas s.a.l. pertaining to your various financial accounts. For this purpose, you undertakes to present yourselves to your selected Vitas branch at the end of each          month to receive and review said statements of accounts and balances. In case, you do not present yourselves to Vitas within the above-mentioned period, or do not object on the said statement within the period of 15 days following the end of each month, The            above-mentioned statement of the accounts and   balances shall be considered dully approved by the costumer, and consequently shall be considered as irrevocably correct and cannot be opposed or legally contested, even if  you do not receive them.

9.    To abide by Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-financing of     terrorism laws concerning all transactions performed with Vitas s.a.l., including the declaration of the real identity of the financial beneficial owner.

10.  To immediately, notify Vitas s.a.l. when the customer becomes a United States resident or acquires a green card or citizenship from the United States of America, and abide by the provisions of the American Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).



1.    Do not provide any other party, under any circumstances, with any details about your account or any other financial or critical personal information.

2.    Whenever facing financial difficulties preventing you from meeting your obligations or paying your installments in due time, you must refer to Vitas s.a.l. in order to find out the best options, including the rescheduling of your obligations.

3.    Be careful when granting power of attorney to a third party to complete your banking and financial transactions, by clearly determining the powers hereby granted.


Additional Information

In addition to the foregoing mentioned clauses, the items listed below are considered within the rights and duties of Vitas s.a.l. clients

As a borrower from Vitas s.a.l., we pledge to:

·      Respect deadlines and commitments.

·      Treat you with respect, justice, equality and non-discrimination.

·      Provide all information related to financial services and cost details including: price, interest and fees.

·      We make sure you do not fall in over-indebtedness.

·      Clarify the terms of the loan contract before you sign it with our commitment to the full understanding of your obligations.

·       Handle your complaint as soon as possible and keep you informed of new developments.


In return, we ask you the following:

·       Provide the correct answers to the questions of our Customer Relationship Officer when filling out a loan application and provide all necessary information.

·       Question and inquire about all the information that allows you to understand your commitments, your duties and the terms of the contract before you proceed with any signature.

·       Refrain from providing any free services to the staff of Vitas s.a.l.

·       Consult with the Customer Relationship Officer in case you are unable to meet your commitments in a timely fashion.

·       Treat Vitas s.a.l. employees with the same respect that you expect from them.

·       Share your complaints in a clear and constructive manner.

·       Request a receipt to prove the repayment of your commitments.

·       Keep the receipts for future reference.